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Utilities Assistance Now Available

The application period remains open and now allows for renters to submit requests for assistance in paying past-due utilities and home energy costs, which include electricity, gas, water and sewer, trash removal and fuel oil. Renter applicants may qualify for assistance with current utility charges and past-due utility bills, along with reconnection and late fees, not to exceed 15 months in total payments. Utility assistance will be paid directly to utility providers.  


Eligible renter applicants still in the process of filing an application can submit requests for past-due utilities directly in their open application. Click here for detailed instructions on adding utility expenses to your application through the Applicant Portal. 

Eligible renters with applications in Submitted status can also submit requests for assistance with utilities. Click here for detailed instructions on this distinct process. Eligible renters with applications in the Submitted status have until June 7, 2021 to submit a Utilities Assistance Ticket through the Applicant Portal.